What we do

Music Production

We compose and produce tailor made soundtracks not only to elevate your story, but also to create a unique musical identity that is memorable and suits your objectives. It can be a hummable tune, a certain style or even a specific sound; as long as it hits just right!

Sound design

If music is the salt, sound design is the pepper. Together they form a big part of a story's identity. Where music touches the soul, sound moves the body. We believe in a strong collaboration between these disciplines where the two complement each other. Sometimes even blurring the lines between what’s music and what’s sound design. Also: Sound and music can be very powerful together but sometimes the absence of one of them can say a lot as well.

Sonic branding & music strategy

Music is a universal language. It evokes emotions, influences perceptions and triggers associations. That’s why music is one of the most powerful tools that storytellers can use. We help clients to develop a brand identity through music and sound from starting concept to final implementation.

Licensing / re-recording

Our broad network of music professionals allows us to quickly license songs with our friends and colleagues in the music industry.